Thursday, June 30, 2011

YEA!!!! Chris just called and UPS just delivered my new Lily Dollhouse Kit.  Now just have to gather up the required building items after work and I will be starting on it this afternoon....wish me luck!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Tigger Too!!!!

I wanted to wish my partner, Chris, a very happy birthday and may all his dreams come true!!!  I love you and could not do what I do without your love and support!

And It Begins...The Lily Dollhouse Project by Greenleaf

Well, the order has been placed and UPS has my new Lily Dollhouse somewhere between here and Knoxville.  It should arrive tomorrow, and then it all begins.  I am going to attempt to follow the day to day construction of this dollhouse on this blog along with any tips I pickup along the way.

After ordering this kit last week, I have researched everything I could find on it and one site in particular seems to have a lot of insight on this specific project, that site is  She has a detailed step by step of which I am going to attempt to follow.

This is the Lily that I will be building:

Now for anyone that knows Chris & I, ours will not be in the pink color scheme as this one, but will be in our signature Blue & Browns...LOL

Check back often to see how the progress on this project is going...